Stop Foreclosure by selling your home or house fast to us. We buy homes in foreclosure from people just like you. Time is of the essence so don't procrastinate. We clearly explain all the steps to take if you are in this circumstance. Avoid not getting anything in return now and the long lasting effects later by selling your home to us and avoiding foreclosure.


"I am behind on my mortgage payment and the bank wants to foreclose my home?"


Sell your home to us and STOP the foreclosure process. At times, we can even stop the foreclosure sale at the courthouse steps the day before the sale. When your lender hears you have a cash buyer ready to close, they often save their money and time to allow us to buy your home. We guide you through this process every step of the way! Call us now to find out your options



"My bank will not work with me and I am ready to just walk away from this house."


These sentiments are common. Unfortunately it's often because most are unaware that there are many other options besides foreclosure. can help you explore these options. We provide clear details so you make an informed decision - it's as easy as 1-2-3-4


Find out how we can quickly:


    1. Catch you up on your mortgage payments

    2. Save your credit from a foreclosure.

    3. Take over your mortgage payment

    4. Give you $$ at closing



"I need to sell my home in just a few days and my home has major problems"


This is not a problem for Since we can buy your home cash we are not subject to inspections and appraisals that won't pass on mold, leaky roofs, termites, water damage, structural issues or the likes. BuyMyHomeVA is the solution to your home selling problem!



Wouldn't you rather get something than nothing for your home or house in foreclosure?



Credit Repair Counselor


With the current economy, homeownership at times can be hard on a persons credit. This is why when you sell your home to due to foreclosure, we also pay for your credit repair counseling. In most cases, if you follow the credit counselors plan you are only about two years away from being able to buy a home again. Compare that with the 5-7 years it takes on average after a foreclosure.



Contact Us Now and let buy your house and AVOID foreclosure.*


Other options may apply for your particular circumstance. will provide whatever options they may be aware of currently.



Get Started Now and Get a Cash Offer on Your Home In Just 72 hrs!    
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