BUYMYHOMEVA.COM SIGN UP is a Real Estate Investment Team working primarily in the Shenandoah Valley area.


We are always looking for silent investors who are looking to make strong returns on secured shares in Real Estate.


We buy local properties with excellent flip potential.


BuyMyHomeVA selects, remodels and renovates properties to be sold on the open market OR whole-sale to other flip investors.


How the Investment Works


​Projects are offered to silent investors in "shares". For example, take a flip project offered at $100k. may offer the property in 5 shares. An investor can choose to participate by purchasing 1 of the 5 shares for $20k (5 x $20k = $100k). If one investor wanted 2 shares for instance, they could invest the $40k. This can be done by any single investor for any of the 5 available shares. Shares allow more investors looking to make a good return on their money to participate. It also allows each investor to choose the share they can handle. Silent investors have two options in which to choose to "cash out" (option chosen at the beginning of each project):


(Option 1) 180- day return


For a more safe, conservative, investment experience, a silent investors may give an investment with a 6 month pay-off.


This means regardless if the home is sold, they expect their share back from the secured Real Estate at 180 days. Such an investor could expect 5% return on their investment at that time.


($40k x .05% = $2,000 = $42,000)



​(Option 2) Upon Closing


If you are in it for the long haul with us, an investor can expect a 10% return on investment upon closing.


This means, the investor will wait for the home to be sold for their pay-off. Such an investor is rewarded with double the return. This would happen if stipulated terms are made (typically 6-8 months)


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* one owner of is a licensed Realtor in the state of Virginia.

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